Amateur Radio Operators Invited to a Meet & Greet

Amateur Radio Operators invited to a Meet & Greet at Okmulgee County’s EOC. Okmulgee, Okla. — Okmulgee County Emergency Management invites Amateur Radio Operators (HAM Radio Operators) to a Meet & Greet at the at the County’s EOC on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at 8:00 am. Emergency Management recognizes the service and value radio amateurs provide to their communities by assisting in times of need. Several Amateur Radio Operators already lend a hand to emergency management today, serving as storm spotters and emergency communicators. This meeting is in partnership with Amateur Radio Emergency Service-Oklahoma, SKYWARN, and Okmulgee County Emergency Management. HAM Radio Operators interested in helping in times of need are invited. Coffee and donuts will be served. The meet and greet will include a discussion of our plans to get the 225 repeater back on the air and a tour of the EOC and it’s communications room — which is equipped with amateur radio equipment. The Okmulgee County Emergency Operation Center is located110 N. Alabama, Okmulgee, Ok (which is one block north of Sixth Ave. and to the west end of downtown Okmulgee ) 
Thank You – Jason Dawson KF5KFB
Okmulgee County Emergency Management (COMT)
(918)-521-1968 cell

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